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Welcome to our website, where you can see part of our products and services. We are pleased that you are interested in our products and hope that you will find them interesting. 


The company Multi Medija is established in 1996, with the aim to deliver high-quality and attractive advertisement products, regarding inside and outside advertising ideas. For that purpose, the company is equipped with the following technological equipment:


CNC router milling machine with changeable  tools ( 4 slots)- MICROSAM /work area -1980х3200mm .

CNC router milling machine with one slot for  tool- MICROSAM /work area 780х1040mm.

CNC LASER machine - MICROSAM /work area 1300х900mm.

MIMAKI printer for high-quality digital printing on different kinds of materials, such as PVC foil, durable vinyl, mesh, one way vision window screen, with maximum width of 1600 mm. 


MIMAKI vinyl cutter (w)1600mm. 

ROLAND vinyl cutter (w)600mm.  

cebora plasma cutter, saws for processing aluminum, circular for wood , Professional milling machine with a desk......


Besides the technical support, Multi Medija has high qualified and professional team consisting 33 employees, which are prepared to fulfill their duties in a timely manner, in order to cope with the client needs.   



Furthermore, the company offers wide range of products like different shapes of illuminated and non-illuminated advertisement, plexiglas products, furniture, stretch ceilings, realization of architectural projects and solutions, facade from aluminum composite panel

Recently, the company is more extensively engaged in taking part of the execution of gas stations, more precisely production and mounting of different elements like: upper light boxes, light boxes above diffusers , light boxes around the columns , facades, masts, polyester lid for tanks  , light road signs  and different type of  printed and cut posters,forms and  letters.



Finally, the company’s goal is to secure optimal solution for every unique requirement, in order to add value to our customer. 

Looking forward to successful cooperation. 


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